Adversal Account Aproval tricks

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This page has been designed to express the detailed information regarding the adversal. This article will help the visitors of this page to have sufficient knowledge about the ad network named "adversal". 

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Adversal Account Aproval tricks are easy to follow. To join in the ("Adversal") program, the applicants (Publishers) must meet the following guidelines for acceptance into the Adversal Publisher Network.

*  Applying site must have been online and operational for at least one month

*  The applicant’s site must have a functional layout and adequate design

*  The site must contain original content and at least two pages.

*  The site must not contain or link to adult content

*  The site must have been completed.

*  The site must not host or flow content that delivers malware or viruses

*  The site should not be operated with any incentive based programs or paid-to operations (paid-to-click,  paid-to-surf, paid-to-read, etc.)

*  Publisher sites are required to have a minimum of 50,000 page views per month when applying to this  program

A Publisher is permitted to get one account in the Adversal program. Payments are issued in the form of Check, PayPal, or Bank Wire. Payments will be issued 35 days after the close of the month. Payments by Check or PayPal are eligible on a minimum balance of $20 USD. Bank Wire is eligible on balances of $250 USD. Unpaid balances will be added with account of next month. It is the responsible of Publishers to keep their contact/payment information up to date. 




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The below figure shows that the 1st stage of sign up:

The below figure shows that the Publisher sign up page:

The below figure shows that an Advertiser sign up page:

The below figure shows that the various Ad formats: